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Free 4K Premium Service Activation Eligibility*
To confirm compatibility of your X900 4K Ultra HD TV with the 4K Ultra HD Media Player**, and to check if
your TV qualifies for the free premium service activation, please follow the steps below.

   Do you have your 4K Ultra HD Media Player
   (Model FMPX1)?   

   Obtain the 4K TV model & Serial number from the
   TV Menu, or by locating the label on the back left
   side of the TV.

TV Menu
On the remote:
1. Press the Home button
2. Select settings option
3. Select Contact Sony option
4. Optain Model name & Serial Number
Sample Label on the
back left side of the
X900 TV

   Select the TV Model from the drop down list and
   input the Serial number:  


Please type what you see above:



If you have questions about the
Free 4K Premium Service Activation
Please contact Sony at


* This free service activation does not include non standard installation, parts or accessories not included with the product, or internet setup

** Wired internet connection necessary for 4K Ultra HD Media Player